Letters Of Recommendation


January 19, 2014

To Whom It may Concern:

I would highly recommend Vince Martinez of Keller Williams Realty when considering the purchase or sale of a home. We have bought and sold several homes with Vince over the years, and will use him again when it is time to sell the home we are in now. In addition, we have many friends that have used Vince. He is someone of unquestionable character and integrity. Vince knows the Austin area well, and will work hard to make sure you find the right home in the right location and will negotiate the best possible price on your behalf. It is without hesitation that I recommend his services.


Tim Adams


May, 14, 2013


Please take this letter as an enthusiastic recommendation that you may share with any potential client. Your work in selling the condo, from the analysis as to the pricing, dealing with the developer and homeowners association, managing potential buyers, and a long distance seller were simply masterful. I would also be happy to speak with any potential client to say the same to them.

Thank you,

Marc Abramowitz


November 24, 2013

Hi Vince,

A BIG thank you for facilitating our move from Falconhead to The Hills. Certainly these were days of expected and unexpected stress and back-and-forth action items, dealing with the credit union, other real estate agents, and home owners.

As I said to you in conversation during one of our visits to a prospective home, I have never enjoyed paying the commissions associated with real estate agents because the value was just not there for the money paid. However, I made a point to tell you that our adventures in selling followed by finding and purchasing a new home were made less painful and bordered on enjoyable through your efforts to be accommodating and thorough from start to finish, and then some. You went the extra mile, you took a real interest in helping to make a final decision one which Cindy and I would not regret. Looking for houses on a weekend or ever is never something I would look forward to. I can honestly say you removed the pain of that time-consuming activity and actually made it enjoyable.

You actually listened to what we were looking for and on more than one occasion actually refused to show us house on MLS that we may have inquired about due to the houses not being what you knew we would consider. You know the locations, you scope out the prospective houses to visit, and you are not reluctant to give us an honest opinion. That was a time saver and helped to keep the momentum headed in the right direction.

Cindy and I very much appreciate the manner in which you conduct business. You clearly enjoy what you do and bring that enthusiasm with you. I do not anticipate moving again anytime soon, but when we do, you will be the person we call to get the process started.

Thank you Vince….much appreciated….David and Cindy Young


November 20, 2013

Vince, I wish you would put this in your file.

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is John L. Adams and I recently had the privilege of using Vince Martinez of Keller Williams Realty to sell a property I had at the Four Seasons Residences. I have worked with many representatives in selling both personal and business properties and Vince is as good as any I have seen.

There are several qualities that Vince has that makes him so successful. He is very good at keeping you informed, meaning you don't have to call and ask "what is going on?" He is professional, gives good advice, knows the market, and really has your interest. He is just a quality person that I really enjoyed working with, including making sure "the closing" happened the way it was intended. He is just special and quite different from others.

John L. Adams


November 14, 2013

We met Vince 11 years ago when we were newly married, and looking for our first home. One of our family friends introduced him to us as they were very pleased with their experience with him. We had no idea about the things to look for in a house, but Vince guided us along the way giving us tips about the things to look out for in a house and the ones to avoid. He was very patient and showed us a large variety of houses in our budget. We never felt rushed into buying anything. We bought a very nice house within our budget and lived there for 10 years before we were expecting a baby and wanted to move into a bigger house.

We contacted Vince again and as usual he was very professional, helpful, and again helped us find an excellent home in a good neighborhood. He showed us homes for almost 6 months before we finally found the perfect home for our family. Along the way, he always would look out for us and point out the shortcomings of any houses that we showed an interest in. I was pregnant at the time, and we would have compromised on an average home as we wanted to move before my due date, but Vince assured us that he would find the perfect home for us and he did! There were many times that we would go see a home with Vince and after touring the house he would say “We can do better”, and he was always right. We finally bought a beautiful home in an excellent neighborhood, and we are very happy with the purchase, and we think it was all because of Vince that we got this beautiful home.

It is with great pleasure that we recommend Vince. He is an excellent realtor who knows his job well, is very friendly, caring, and above all very professional.


Nidhi and Avinash Munshi


February 11, 2009

Dear ________:

My wife and I appreciate the opportunity to endorse Vince Martinez. He is uniquely qualified to prioritize the needs of medical professionals and physicians specifically. He was recommended to us by a satisfied physician in the community when we were getting ready to move to Austin, and we've referred others to Vince as well.

Vince worked diligently to find the right house for us during our transition from Dayton, Ohio to Austin. Before our first visit to Austin, he spoke with us frequently to find out our needs and desires for our home as well as the type of community we wanted to live in.

Since my service in the military at the time did not allow for frequent trips, Vince coordinated our review of a large number of properties in the Central, SW, and West Austin areas. He helped us to make the best use of our time. With Vince’s help, we were able to narrow down a very large list of homes so that we could target specific properties and areas during our trips. He is aware of the many financial concerns that physicians may have and on a number of occasions, made recommendations for a home to fit our budget versus simply putting us in a larger, or more expensive property to increase his own commission.

His management during the closing allowed us to win a number of upgrades and he worked to keep costs low throughout the buying process. Though Vince has a large clientele because of his professionalism and expertise, we found that he would treat us as if we were the only ones that he was working with during our times together. He was easy to access, and employed a professional staff to help meet our needs. He made sure to follow up with us after our home closing to address any questions or concerns, and we never felt pressured by him throughout the home search process. His attitude is second to none, and was always cheerful, respectful, and committed to our satisfaction. In summary, I cannot imagine endorsing any other realtor when it comes to helping new physicians start their lives here in Austin.


Dr. & Mrs. Tony Aventa


September 8, 2008

Letter of Reference

To Whom It May Concern:

Vince Martinez has worked with Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD) for 8+ years, supporting recruiting and relocation efforts with his expertise in residential real estate.

Personally, I first met Vince six years ago while interviewing for a position with PPD. Vince was able to quickly give my wife and me a comfort-level with the Austin area during our first visit and worked very hard to help us find a home that met all of our needs.

Since that time, Vince has helped me with dozens of relocations and has always helped make a great first impression on our out of town candidates. During a candidate’s first visit to Austin and often long before we make a job offer, Vince spends time showing our candidates around Austin, giving them a valuable orientation to the area and highlighting the best parts of our town.

Vince’s ability to ‘sell’ Austin makes him an important piece of our recruiting strategy as his expertise, manner, and enthusiasm help to eliminate one of the most stressful variables candidates have when making a decision to relocate. We always try to involve Vince as early in our process as possible.

I would highly recommend Vince Martinez, he has been a proven asset to our company’s hiring and relocation efforts.


Thomas Gfroerer

Executive Director, Clinical Data Management

PPD, Inc.

Austin, TX


August 25, 2010

To Whom It may Concern:

In my role as Physician Recruiter for the Cedar Park Regional Medical Center, I have called on the realty expertise of Vince Martinez with Keller Williams Realty to assist any potential physician recruits. In addition, Mr. Martinez has also sold homes to our former CEO, current CEO, and CFO.

In my follow up regarding his customer service, I have only received praise for the attention to detail, intuitive style of time management and the personal warmth that Mr. Martinez shares with each client. The feedback that he provides to me regarding the comments from potential physician recruits is invaluable.

I highly recommend Mr. Martinez for your realty needs.


Dana Frers Reily

Cedar Park Regional Medical Center


September 16, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

Over the past 9 years, I have worked with Vince Martinez as my realtor in the Austin, TX area. He has handled several purchases, one sale, and assistance with temporary living for my family. Durning this time, Vince has shown professionalism, knowledge of the market, responsive action, and an enthusiasm for helping his clients that is second to none. I have recommended his services to many of my colleagues from work, business associates, and friends. Many have used Vince over the years and share similar experiences and give him high marks for his work.

Vince is professional, hard working, responsive, and reliable. He has a unique ability to quickly understand his client’s needs and bring that to all meetings. From the initial meeting to discuss desires to the final closing and move in or out, Vince communicates effectively with his clients. I would highly recommend Vince as a realtor.

In the future, I will call Vince for my real estate needs in the Austin area.


Mark Leintz

Granite West Large Project Executive

Granite Construction Company


September 8, 2008

To Whom It may Concern:

I have had the pleasure of working with Vince Martinez as my realtor on numerous occasions over the past 8 years. Vince’s professionalism and knowledge of the industry has been very impressive. In addition, his attitude and working relationship with various business associates is universally positive and infectious. I have recommended his services to many of my colleagues, and over a dozen of them have taken my recommendation. All reports that I have received from those individuals were consistent with my experiences with Vince.

Vince is reliable, professional, and intelligent. He listens to his client’s desires and is always prepared ahead of his client meetings. He follows through diligently until closing. His interpersonal relationship skills are effective and consistent. I would highly recommend Vince’s realtor services.

I look forward to the opportunity of working with Vince again in the future.


Ken Smith

Senior Vice President

HDR Engineering, Inc.